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    June 09, 2011


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    This is such a generous offer you are making. Thanks for this post and your fabulous work in the world.


    Lesa, what a great story. It always amazes me how kids can so easily adapt with our business life and use the tools we use to communicate effectively. What a great story. I am excited to host tomorrow's day of the blog tour at

    Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement. Minette, you are absolutely right about how easily children adapt to our business life. I have found that when I use many of the success principles I've learned to have a great business I am much more effective with the kids. The connection becomes stronger because of the respect and encouragement given to one another. They in turn learn how to use those in their daily lives and become people of great character. It's a win win!

    What a beautiful story. That whiteboard could have so easily become something else (just for organizing, just for to-do's, etc), yet Kareen embraced what was happening. It is this authenticity that we strive for. And she shows us a way of getting there.

    This was a great article. You never know when an event becomes a teaching moment.

    Lesa, I enjoyed your article. Thanks for the encouragement. I have a big whiteboard downstairs that may transcend it's current use, thanks to your sharing. You are a great mom!

    Robin, I absolutely love when a story touches the heart of the reader. What a great opportunity to see what your whiteboard can do in creating a wonderful connection with family in your home. Please let me know how things unfold?

    Truly inspirational Lesa! What a wonderful parenting tool that you found by accident - wouldn't it be nice if all accidents were like that? Actually, most accidents do have a lesson and this one was a fantastic gift. I love the connection that occurred in using it. Thanks for sharing.

    I really enjoyed this article. It showed how something as simple as a whiteboard can become a powerful tool for communication and connection. I loved how her son was able to express his anger via the board and that it led to honest sharing and listening and collaborative problem-solving.
    Thanks for sharing it with us Lesa!

    Sherri, Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I agree completely and the story really touched my heart. It has so many lessons to gain for the reader, but the "connection" that was created is just wonderful. If we stop and consider this story I am sure we could come up with tools that are sitting right before us in our own home that we could use to connect better with our children.

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