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    February 23, 2010


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    Hi, I've awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award! Please stop by my blog CoconutPalmDesigns to pick it up.

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

    Hi Lesa,

    What a fine example of writing and how children are dealing with the recession. Will be reading all the posts here. All the best.

    Swati, thank you for your encouragement and I look forward to all your comments and feedback as you look around the site and the different articles. Please share you wisdom?

    Beautiful story, wonderfully shared.

    My own 13 year old daughter knows that times are hard for us and constantly offers to pay for things or to share her money. While I encourage her to be open hearted, I worry that there is too much pressure on her but feel it is unfair to reject her kindness constantly. So occasionally I will let her treat us (my other daughter & myself) to candy or another treat. Is this the right way to handle the situation?

    Laine, your daughter seems to have a precious heart of compassion and a desire to give. This is a tremendous gift and yes it can be a balancing act for you as Mom to let her use her gift. I urge you to continue to look at the big picture and ask yourself how can I nurture this gift in a healthy way that creates good habits as she grows and matures.

    For example, does she have a certain amount of money that she recieves for an allowance or on birthdays or at Christmas? If so maybe help her in managing that money by putting a certain amount in savings, some to spend at the present moment and some to give to charity or gifts to those she cares about? She can have an envelop for each and when she is inspired to reach out to others and give there's an envelop to take the money and help another person or just give a gift of candy as you mentioned in your post.

    I know this has to deeply touch your heart when you see your daughter wanting to give all the time, but know how blessed she will be because we know the sayings we should all remember, "what goes around, comes around", "what you give, you'll get back", "what you sow is what you reap". This is a wonderful gift your daughter has and I'd be giving her a great big hug if I was there right now for all the love she has to give to others. Think about how you can teach her to use the gift wisely so she's creating good habits that can last a lifetime.

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