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    November 18, 2008


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    Congratulations, Lesa.

    Is the book "Yes I Can" for parenting a 12 yr old son? I am looking for a good parenting book as well as a how to spend quality time between a mom and a 12 yr old son?

    Thank you,

    Amy, thanks for stopping by and seeking more information. Quality time is such an important thing to value in our lives. I learned a long time ago that we can always do more of many things in life, like more projects, more houses, more cars, etc, but we can never have any more time than the 24 hours in a day that's been given to us. I treat my time as a precious gift. The book will definitely allow you to spend quality time with your son. As you create the nurturing structure in your home to reinforce good habits for your son it will free up time for you and him to spend the time together that you so desire to have. Things will become more efficient in your home and free up time to do the "fun things" together. Feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

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