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    June 23, 2008


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    Thank you Lesa for this wonderful article. My two sons are actually a member of the team you mentioned and I am pleased to know that others out there will be able to hear about the wonderful experience this team has had and about how fortunate they are to have a coach that really cares not only about the sport of baseball that we are so passionate about here but about the boys as well. We have a great team including the coaches, the kids and the parents. We are very blessed.

    Lee Lee, Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts on the article. You got it right! The community that represents this team from the boys who play, to the coaches, and the parents are unique and inspirational. More people in the world need to know that it's out there. If we look and explore we can find it in pockets of communities in our country. We just need open our eyes a little wider to be inspired and renew our hope to keep persevering to remain positive role models for our youth. You keep being the great Mom that you are to your two sons and know that one day what you are doing now will leave a lasting legacy.

    This team won the season championship and became better individuals along the way because of the great support of their coaches and the community. They set an example of what a great team is really made of. Such as good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, focusing, giving it all you got, it's not about one player, but the team as a whole, and to shake it off when things don't go right but to move on to the next play. Congrats!!

    This is a great story. I am actually one of the kids on the baseball team. I thought that that day was a good lesson for the younger kids. I am one of the older kids and I was on the bench. My father is the coach I have learned many life lessons from him. He is a great man. Thank you for writing this story about our team.

    Walker, this is super to receive a message from one of the kids on the team. It's also a great example of your character to honor your Dad by giving him such credit in your message. I believe I saw you that day at the game as you sat on the bench and was the major initiator of the cheering done by the team. You were a leader in creating the enthusiasm and whether you realize it or not right now that character trait of enthusiasm and encouraging others can assist you in becoming a great success in your adulthood. Most of our world's great leaders have learned that we can move people much further in reaching the goal when we come across with encouragement and enthusiasm rather than bossy and arrogant. I'm very proud of you and your team and keep up that great attitude.

    Even though I was not there to watch the game I think that the coach teaching that life lesson was the best way to go with it. Because even though they didn't win, it wasn't about that, it was about them learning that lesson. I'm a softball player and I wish that my coach would give me that type of life lesson. I am thirteen years old and my name is Angelica

    Angelica, it's really awesome that you value the life lessons a coach can teach you at your age(13). Great mentors are hard to find in life and when you find them hang on to them for as long as you can. They will come your way as you go through life and share wisdom with you that will help you whether in school, sports, career, and family. I think it's great that you are an athlete yourself. From the article I wrote you can see how wonderful sports are to teach us certain principles like teamwork, positive attitudes, enthusiasm and respect for one another. Go get'em and I wish you the utmost success.

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